Cheers for Doodles!!

I’m not trying to promote doodling in class, I just feel that there is nothing wrong with doodling. As it’s one of the best way to express our thoughts, our creativity and our emotions. Although we may do it at the wrong time, but that moment of time may also be the time where great works appear!! So to all dear teachers or lecturers, please don’t be so cruel and stop us from being CREATIVE!!

Let this boring world be more FUN and CREATIVE!! How many times can we live in this world? Just Once!! So live it to the max!! Cheers for Doodling!!

(ps: to dear students, don’t let this become an excuse and abuse it. Be responsible of your doings. ^..^)


2 thoughts on “Cheers for Doodles!!

  1. Some of the doodles I made when I was in school would actually work as notes. Just to make school a bit more fun 🙂

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