The Sea During Sunset…

I really love the sea and sunset…the combination of both is so beautiful…but for this photo i took, i had an urge to sew a spiral on it just to see how will it look with the photo…I had fun in stitching but it was quite tiring but it’s fun… ^..^

Stay Strong!!

The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.
Exodus 14:14 KJV

We are facing a lot of trials in our life and it is not easy to stay positive but the least we can to is to do our best in our journey of life. Remember everyone is facing their trials and problems, hence you are never alone. Have faith!

Handy Crafting – Barcodes!

Do they look the same??
I don’t think so, in my eyes they all look different and I love them all.

It may sounds weird but I actually like the way the barcodes look, it’s so interesting and I can’t explain why. I guess it’s the same as how people love certain things. And it took me some time to get the barcodes off the DVDs that I own; trying my best not to damage the barcodes when I’m taking it down.

I’d enjoy the process and had great fun in producing them out. Honestly, I’m proud of them~ (>W<) BARCODES LIVES AGAIN!! (^O^)