The Eight Immortals?!

Can you spot the uniqueness of these ancient immortals???!!!


Pinocchio is in BIG TROUBLE!

Are you stuck as well?

Stuck in assignments.
Stuck  in work.
Stuck in relationship.
Stuck in every little things in life.

I’m seriously STUCK in assignments now and am struggling. But I will do my best and not to give up so easily. At least I don’t give up on myself. So no matter how bad our situations are right now, just try our very best and not to regret in anything.

You Climb I Climb, Jack…

It’s a brand new day, a day to start climbing to our goals and dreams. It may seem to be hard to do so but have faith and everything happen for a reason. No matter what the obstacles are ahead of you, just do your best and keep on climbing, and don’t give up so easily, especially your Dreams!

I’m trying my best to keep my dreams going and I hope you do it too.. =))