My Day~

One of the frame for the opening sequence for the movie “Nosferatu”.

Today is my birthday and I’m working on my project which is due on friday~ I may not be able to celebrate joyfully as I feel unease when my work is still not done but it’s fine. I will treat myself well after the project is over…This project is rather tough for me but I had decided to use illustration to execute it out and I’m quite happy with most of the illustrations. Will upload the rest of the illustrations after all my projects for this sem.



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We were asked to use typography to design a double-sided 7pages concertina using a text about “From Pen Strokes To Key Strokes”. Each side of the concertina has specific design direction which is FORMAL and INFORMAL.

Mohawk Digital Paper Promo

It’s a school assignment about a Paper Promo for Mohawk Digital targeting designers and printer owners to experience the quality of their new paper stock I-Tone.The concept of this design is “Face Off”. This is an interactive design which is made up of different expressions of the facial organs. The essentials of this design are the sense of touch and the visuals being shown. Through this interactive design, the users are able to feel the different textures of the paper stock. And the users are able to play with the facial organs and create the different expressions, having different visuals sensations. After the whole experience, it will reveal the answers to the ultimate paper stock: I-TONE.