20 Nov 2012

Always Be Inspired…A daily dose…


It’s time to be HAPPY!

It’s time for the rainbow bucket to pour out all the colourful happiness…

There are times when we face difficulties, it’s never easy overcoming it but at least we can try. Rain may not always be blue and moody, look at it differently, it can be as colourful as you wish to be. Just let your heart colour it up. =))

The Sea During Sunset…

I really love the sea and sunset…the combination of both is so beautiful…but for this photo i took, i had an urge to sew a spiral on it just to see how will it look with the photo…I had fun in stitching but it was quite tiring but it’s fun… ^..^

My Day~

One of the frame for the opening sequence for the movie “Nosferatu”.

Today is my birthday and I’m working on my project which is due on friday~ I may not be able to celebrate joyfully as I feel unease when my work is still not done but it’s fine. I will treat myself well after the project is over…This project is rather tough for me but I had decided to use illustration to execute it out and I’m quite happy with most of the illustrations. Will upload the rest of the illustrations after all my projects for this sem.