Good Day Mate!

Everyday can be a Good Day~


White Valentine’s Day?!

White Valentine’s day to design student is just another day to rush for work…But I could really use some chocolates now, running down on sugar. It’s not really my main point though, just saying that design student is still a human beingĀ and as a human being, it’s normal to wish to have LOVE. Love given by people who cares…I know there are many out there, but they may not be so obvious in our human eyes, hence, we should look in sight and feel the LOVE that is being to us.

Those without a partner don’t be discourage, I’m single too but I believe at the fulness of the time, the ONE will appear in front of me. For now, just go get a box of chocolate and enjoy!! Cheers

Happy White Valentine’s Day dear earthly beings…